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100 big cities® | free money online $150 to $400 a day easy

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100 big cities® | free money online $150 to $400 a day easy

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Earn $100, $200, $300, 400 per day online. Make a $15,$20, $25, $30, $35, $40 $45, $50 $60 an hour online.
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Fiftilly® Grand Market Seattle
Fiftilly Inc. A small Seattle based startup, said it had raised $15 million of fresh equity in a new funding round that values the e-commerce startup at $45 million.

Mutual-fund giant Fidelity Investments led the round, joined by previous investors.

Fiftilly said it expects to raise another $5 million “shortly,” bringing this round to $20 million.

50-ly founder and Chief Executive Donnell McDonald declined to name any other new investors in the round, nor the source of the venture debt or details of the strategic financing.

"Our whole mission is make advertising travel fun again".


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The Downtown Seattle condo market in 2016 was strong as it was in 2015, and in fact, had increases in several key statistics. The average Downtown Seattle condo sales price was up ($781,310 vs $667,959), price per square foot was up ($702 vs $626), and the days on market was less (29 vs 39 days). So Downtown Seattle condos sold faster and for more money. In addition, more of these Seattle condos sold in 2016 (934) than in 2015 (790). While the numbers improved, sales in both years were dominated by the Belltown condo project, Insignia, on 5th and Battery. In 2015, there were 299 Insignia sales and in 2016 it accounted for 406 sales. That increase in sales at Insignia (107) accounts for 74% of the difference of the number of total sales of Downtown Seattle Condos (934 sales – 790 sales = 144 increase). Insignia has been the exception, not the rule. It is the only major downtown condo project in the last couple years, mainly because of the risk of lawsuits condo builders face and because the Seattle rental market has improved, making apartments the preferred choice for developers. With limited new condo inventory and the improved overall Seattle real estate market, Seattle condos have seen increased in their prices.

Interested in joining today? Email me or
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